Millennial Debt Foundation
Millennial Debt Foundation (MDF) is an initiative led by Tennessee municipal officials and entrepreneurs who want to discuss and challenge fiscal stewardship, the federal government's role, and America's deficit spending crisis. The business-led Commission comprises 20 millennial business leaders from across the country working towards a framework for long-term deficit reduction and stabilization of the national debt.
Millennial Debt Foundation - What We Owe the Future Booklet
The Scope
After being approached by the MDF team, I led a dynamic project that started with designing their debt recommendations booklet but naturally transitioned into a soft brand update, encompassing the development of additional marketing materials for them and the event established for the booklet's launch. This initiative allowed them to seamlessly integrate the initial piece's visual elements into a unified brand identity, extending its design language to stand-up banners, business cards, invitations, and other promotional assets. The outcome was a cohesive and compelling marketing suite that effectively conveyed the message while enhancing the brand's presence in the eyes of their target audience.​​​​​​​
Video recapping the event by William Vest.

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