About the Project
Kauffman Construction & Restoration was in need of a new logo, business cards, and a basic way of being contacted on the web. As an overall goal, the new look would provide the company a look that would appear as they had been around for longer than they have. 

I led the design in this project from start to finish. That said, we began with the usual mood board phase in order to get a taste of where the Kauffman stakeholders wanted to take the brand. After setting course, I began to execute solutions for the new logo. When I arrived at the winner, I expanded the aesthetic into other pieces of their brand collateral. I provided mockups to show in-context renderings of how their new logo would be used. Once the design passed, I proceeded to create the landing page that would be used and shared across platforms. 

The new look I designed purposely referenced the timeless solutions created by designers in the 1960s and 70s. Doing so provided the company an aesthetic that felt as if it had been around for a long time—thereby meeting the goals established in the brief. 

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